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In this interview, we gain insight into the career journey of SHG paralegal Maria Cecilia Herrera, a former United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) Field Officer, whose path into humanitarian work unfolded unexpectedly yet purposefully. Originating from Ecuador and with law degrees from Ecuador and the United States, Maria shares a candid

We recently interviewed our friend and colleague David Moscow, an American lawyer who has embarked on a remarkable journey of relocating 2500 miles from bucolic Chester County, PA to the dynamic metropolis of Medellin, Colombia, to start a new life there.  In this insightful conversation, David shares his firsthand experiences, challenges, triumphs, (and even where

Our office has had the pleasure to partner with the Mexican Consulate of Philadelphia for nearly a decade.  During our time as attorneys in the Consulate’s PALE program, we have helped many Mexican nationals in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware with their immigration issues.  We have also had the opportunity to meet and work with

A Roman Amphitheatre in Malaga, Spain.

The Roman Empire: Evolving Immigration Laws

With the transition from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire in 27 BCE, the management of immigration underwent significant changes. Augustus, the first Emperor, introduced various policies to maintain control over the vast territories and populations. One of his key contributions was

The 50th anniversary of hip-hop marks a momentous milestone in the cultural tapestry of the world, commemorating five decades of rhythmic innovation, storytelling prowess, and social influence. From its humble beginnings in the Bronx, New York, to becoming a global phenomenon that transcends borders and languages, hip-hop has evolved into a powerful platform for expression,

The United States has long been a destination for individuals seeking better opportunities and a brighter future. For many immigrants, the prospect of reuniting with their loved ones is a significant motivating factor. However, navigating the complex immigration system can be daunting, especially when there are legal barriers that can separate families for extended periods.