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We are concluding this incredible series of Days of Future Passed – Law Practice in 2025 discussing meeting clients’ new demands of you and your practice including implementing: Efficiences Data Security KPIs Analytics Collaboration Sharing Embedding Outside Counsel If you are looking to build your presence with a serious marketing effort that is progressive, you’ll

The acronym KPI (Key Performance Indicators) often strikes terror in the uninitiated lawyer. However, they are not only nothing to fear but a simple documentable measure you should embrace. KPIs are simply measurements of performance and they can measure anything you are doing; how many clients you close from leads, your collection rate, the number

Are you doing what it takes to cultivate a loyal, happy customer base?

75% of businesses believe they go the extra mile for the people they serve—but only 30% of consumers agree. That divide can hurt your reputation, alienate your customers, and most importantly, have a very real impact on your bottom line.

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