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Episode 11 of of Beyond Juris, is now streaming. 

In this episode, join Attorney Grace Bogart as she interviews inventor, entrepreneur, and IRONMAN athlete Seth Burgett. He discusses his journey of invention, beginning with medical robotics and landing him at his current venture, Gateway Bronco. When nearly 90% of start up

Listen to Episode #9 now!

Episode #9 of Beyond Juris

Join us for Episode #9 of Beyond Juris as we speak with Chris Draper of Trokt, a cloud-based platform founded in Des Moines, Iowa.

The company’s service, primarily tailored toward law firms, utilizes blockchain technologies to trace original documents via “thumbprints,” ensuring a document’s origin and contents

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Episode #8 of Beyond Juris

In this episode of Beyond Juris, we speak with Professor Christina Bohannan about innovation in Iowa and how to keep innovators, younger generations, and startups in Iowa.

You won’t want to miss this new episode of our podcast co-hosted by Attorneys Grace Bogart and Andrea Rastelli.

Step One: Secure your trademark

Step Two: Enforce your trademark

Many start-up companies in the initial stages of developing their brands understand the importance of engaging in Step One and securing their trademark(s). They invest real time and money in creating their brand name, surveying state and national ledgers to ensure their desired trademark is