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Few things are more risky in business than amateurs loosely signing NDAs.

NDAs, or non-disclosure agreements, allow parties to share sensitive information while discussing a potential transaction or commercial relationship – often defined in the NDA as the “Business Purpose.”

In a proper NDA, each party agrees to several core confidentiality protections and information use

April 9, 2022

The Honorable Gary Gensler, Chairman
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
100 F. Street NE
Washington, DC 20549-1090.

RE: Comments on Proposed Rules regarding “Special Purpose Acquisition Companies, Shell Companies, and Projections,” Release Nos. 33-11048; 34-94546; IC-34549; File No. S7-13-22

Dear Chairman Gensler,

I appreciate the opportunity to comment on the proposed rules

The Role of SPACs in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Wow – how quickly we went from “Rise of the SPACs!” to “SPACs on their Backs!”

In 2021, there were 613 SPAC IPOs. As of mid-March 2022, there have been only 52.

In 2020, there were 143 SPAC mergers, or “de-SPAC” transactions, and in 2021 there were

Provisional, Omnibus, and Continuation
Patent ApplicationsThis post highlights patent strategies that support these objectives:

  • cheaply and timely protecting inventions,
  • buying time during the patenting process to slow cash burn, raise funds, assess commercial viability, adapt to competitive developments, and optimize between patent and trade secret IP protections,
  • preserving alternative trade secret strategies, and
  • growing a

In this post I share trade secrets and insights on a novel career track and legal service model – working for multiple companies as in-house, part-time General Counsel.
A Win-Win Model
This legal service model is relevant to attorneys considering career options and to companies wondering how to meet legal needs.

Attorney benefits:

  • exposure to

Equity compensation mistakes cause financial, tax, and regulatory hardships and can result in disputes between employers and employees. As with most things in law and business, doing things right the first time means building more and fixing less.

Here are ten common equity plan mistakes to avoid. Disclaimer: this is not legal advice.

1. Promising

Corporate Governance Best Practices and Red Flags
Sometimes even well-managed companies get caught off guard by a flaw in a contract, an unexpected change in regulatory policy or even misbehavior by a senior officer.

Fortunately, most legal and regulatory problems don’t strike out of the blue. There are usually “red flags” – incidents or conditions