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It is uncommon for startup lawyers to get equity stake in exchange for legal services, but we may be open to accepting small percentages for startups (if your business is exciting enough). As a founder, you need to consider not just the dilution to the equity pie, but if the lawyer you are offering equity

As a startup lawyer, I get asked a lot on how to structure sweat equity where the company issues new shares to someone (usually with certain skills or expertise) in exchange for his or her contribution to the company. 

Whether you’re planning to give out sweat equity shares to an experienced adviser or mentor or

Following a new gazette on 29 December 2023, the effective date for the capital gains tax on gains or profits received from the disposal of shares of unlisted companies formed in Malaysia will start from 1 March 2024, in line with the original announcement in the Malaysia’s Budget 2024. To recap, a capital gains tax

The term sheet is a critical document that gives a ‘snapshot’ of the key terms and conditions of  the proposed funding by an investor. It also serves as a ‘blueprint’ that will be used by the startup lawyer  engaged to prepare the fundraising documents and shareholders agreement that will govern the relationship between the startup,

“Should you accept an investment offer from a non-accredited angel investor in Malaysia?” “Do you need to get accredited as an angel investor?” “What if the angel who invested in my startup wasn’t an accredited investor? Will I get into trouble?”

No, there is no law requiring an investor to get accredited before he or

Any sensible investor would want to minimise their downside risks when making an investment especially in a risky asset class portfolio such as when investing in an early stage startup. The common way on how this may be achieved is by inclusion of veto rights over certain major company actions.

With the exceptions to angels,

Starting a new company can be stressful and confusing especially for a first time founder. So I’m excited to hear recently that the Founder Institute Malaysia 2023 programme is finally going live again this year.

Founder Institute prefaces itself as the ‘world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator’ with presence in over 180 countries (also known as