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 I am wondering if I can pursue a personal injury claim
against the Prime Minister. This is for injuries suffered by my chin as it hit
the floor this morning during his excruciating speech about Rwanda. Enough has
been said about the scheme itself. What caused my facial injury was this –

‘To deal

There has been a
huge amount of media attention about Awaab’s Law following the tragic death of
the two year old in Rochdale.

But what is this
law all about? What will mean in practice? And will it meet expectations?

Awaab Ishak died
on 21st December 2020, just days after his second birthday. His

Thursday 25th January
2024 at 12.00 – 13.30

Housing conditions cases can often include a claim
for Personal Injuries whether arising out of an accident or, more often, health
related issues. So if someone falls down the stairs and breaks their neck because
of a defective staircase they could well have a strong case!

 On Tuesday 27th September 2022, a record 285 lawyers took part in the Liverpool Legal Walk around the Liverpool City Centre and waterfront. They gathered at the QEII Law Courts and made their way around the city, along the Royal Albert Dock and then enjoyed a well-deserved drink at the Lady of Mann in Dale Street.

 It was just over two years ago that I wrote about the
disturbing case of Claire Matthews who found herself struck off after leaving a
briefcase on train. Her desperate attempts to try and retrieve the situation
ended badly –

The disciplinary tribunal referred to the damage to the reputation of the
profession –

 I have rarely been at an Inquest that was not adversarial.In all of my years of practice, a constant theme has been
the injustice faced by family members at Coroners’ Inquests. I have attended many
such inquests, normally in the context of Clinical Negligence cases. The health
professionals would always be represented by experienced