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A Notice of Allowance is a document from the USPTO informing you that you can file a Statement of Use and/or Extension of Time within 6 months from the date of issuance. The USPTO will send the Notice of Allowance to you or your attorney via email. As illustrated below, the Notice of Allowance is

In 2024, the cost to file a trademark name is $250 per International Class unless a custom description is required, in which case it is $350. Generally, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) charges $250 per International Class of goods and/or services. However, if a custom description is necessary, the cost to trademark a name

Warhol’s use of Prince’s photo (taken by Lynn Goldsmith) was not entitled to fair use. In a David versus Goliath battle, the Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling against Andy Warhol’s Foundation last week.

SCOTUS: No “Fair Use” Defense in Warhol Use of Prince Photograph

SCOTUS found that Andy Warhol’s commercial use of Goldsmith’s photograph

A fanciful trademark is the strongest trademark type and, in addition to providing examples below, we define it as one that is “coined” for the purpose of serving as a trademark. Of the four types of trademarks, fanciful trademarks receive the most protection from trademark infringement since:

  • they did not previously exist in connection with
  • There are 45 total Trademark Classes, also known as “International Classes” or simply “Classes.” The United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) categorizes trademarks by “Classes.” The classification system is critical because trademarks identify a source of goods and/or services that distinguish the trademark from others.

    A video of me explaining the trademark classes.


    A minor can register a trademark only if the minor’s “domicile” state allows the minor, in the minor’s individual capacity, to (1) enter into legal agreements, or to (2) sue another or to face a suit. TMEP § 803.01. Here, the “domicile” state is the state that one intends to make their “principal home.”