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A Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) plays a pivotal role in the transportation industry, with its definition crucial for determining the compliance and safety standards it must meet. Defined broadly by federal regulations, a CMV includes various types of vehicles that operate on public roads and are used primarily within the commerce industry for the transport

Giving birth should be a joyful moment for parents. The arrival of a new child is cause for celebration. Unfortunately, things can (and do) go wrong during childbirth. Pre-existing health issues and medical negligence (or both) may conspire to injure the infant. Figures from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality suggest the birth trauma-neonatal

Insurance companies have a legal obligation to act in good faith when handling first-party policyholder claims. However, some insurers may engage in bad faith practices, such as unjustly denying claims, imposing unnecessary delays, or failing to communicate effectively with the policyholder. These bad faith tactics can have serious consequences for the affected individuals, which is

In the fast-paced world of trucking, ensuring the safety and wellness of drivers is paramount. The Department of Transportation (DOT) 14-hour rule is a critical regulation designed to help maintain this safety by managing drivers’ working hours strictly. This rule not only sets a clear framework for how long drivers can be on duty but