This is the first in a new series where our Portugal-based attorney, Shannon Brandao, will guide you through the practical, legal, and personal considerations of purchasing a home in Europe.
More and more Americans are thinking about moving to Europe. Though the number that pack up and ultimately move is still relatively small, it’s

IP Licensing
Intellectual Property (“IP”) licensing opens doors for businesses to spread their wings, expand their revenue streams, and introduce new products to the market. This licensing is the granting of a right to use IP while retaining ownership of it. Through licensing, companies can venture into new territories not otherwise possible. Though the benefits

The Increasing Threat of Trademark Scams
Trademark scams are on the rise, as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) warns. If you get a concerning email about your trademark, there is a good chance it’s a trademark scam — but sometimes unsolicited emails are legit (or sort of), in the sense that they are

Witness Preparation
One of the most important jobs for a litigator is preparing a witness to testify. Testimony can take place in a deposition or in front of a judge or jury. Witnesses can be lay or expert witnesses. These distinctions make little difference when preparing someone to testify. The important issue is making sure

Series LLCs
Series LLCs are a relatively new type of entity that more and more states are embracing. Still, many experienced businesspeople are unfamiliar with series LLCs.
Below, I break down the concept of a series LLC, their benefits, and some potential issues.
What Is a Series LLC?
To understand what a series LLC is,

Over the last few years, airdrops have become much more common in the crypto space. Airdrops are often used to market or promote a crypto startup or platform. But like with so many other things in the space, their legal status remains murky. In this post, I do a deep dive on the legality of

We are pleased to welcome five outstanding cannabis attorneys to our Washington and California offices.
Aaron Pelley, Kristin Westphal, Karen Albence, Aaron John, and Elijah Hartman have joined our law firm from Cultiva Law Group. They will continue to focus on representing cannabis, hemp, and psychedelics-related businesses. Their clients include business owners and operators, investors,

As most litigators would tell a client, choosing the right expert in litigation can be the difference between winning and losing. I have litigated many cases and I have seen first-hand how picking the right or wrong expert can have an incredible impact on the outcome of the case. Litigators often say that a case