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By October 2020, there were 36,802 enrollees from the applicant pool at 194 ABA-accredited law schools not in Puerto Rico. This is down 173 (-0.5 percent) from 36,975 in October 2019. La Verne, Thomas Jefferson, and Concordia no longer grace the ABA’s spreadsheets.

Moving to applications, these 194 law schools received 375,541 applications to all

Discussions of law-school costs are incomplete if they do not account for discounts some students receive, usually merit scholarships paid for by their full-tuition-paying classmates. To analyze the phenomenon of discounting, I focus on the ABA’s 509 information reports’ scholarship data. This information lags the academic year by one year, so as of the 2019-20

…Appears on the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation’s Web blog.
I argue that the residential upzoning policies in the Minneapolis 2040 comprehensive plan won’t really lead to more affordable housing. Here’s a quote:
[The] Minneapolis 2040 plan does something that no other major American city has ever attempted: it shifts zoning practice away from real-estate parcels for