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ChatGTP holds excellent potential for increasing access to justice and the legal system.

When I asked ChatGTP 3.5 what its impact on the delivery of legal services and legal access, it reported:

“Access to justice: ChatGTP can improve access to justice by making legal information more accessible to the general public. By providing information on

The Justice Technology Association is a new non-profit trade association composed of legal tech entrepreneurs, consumers, policymakers, and investors created to advocate for using legal technology to close the justice gap.

It is estimated that approximately 75% of the U.S. population cannot afford lawyer fees and do not have adequate access to the legal system.

SixFifty Technologies LLC. is a relatively new entrant into the automated legal forms marketplace focusing on providing automated employment legal forms and policies to corporations that range in size from 50 employees to 1,000 and larger. Examples of employment law forms include state-specific employment contracts, employment manuals, independent contractor agreements, privacy solutions, and return-to-work

Gabriel Teninbaum has written a new how-to manual on how to productize legal work, which should be required reading by lawyers and others who are thinking about undertaking a productization of legal services project.  See Productizing Legal Work: Providing Legal Expertise at Scale.

Teninbaum is the Assistant Dean of Innovation, Strategic Initiatives, & Distance Education

Recently, there has been much discussion of the idea of “productized legal services” as the next transformational strategy that will enable lawyers to make money while they sleep, increase the volume of potential clients, and move away from the tyranny of the billable hour.

Some law firms have developed a product approach as a method