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Welcome to the age where the days of pushing paper all day are coming to an end. The key is to become organized and discover that perfect legal software. There is a bunch of legal software options on the market, but they may not cater to YOUR needs, by your needs, I mean the paralegal.

The Paralegal v2.0
As technology progresses, so does our fear of being replaced by artificial intelligence (A.I.).  A.I. has already made its presence known in the legal field igniting worry about our job security.  The topic of Attorneys and paralegals v. Artificial Intelligence is hitting the headlines with ever-increasing presence. 
Even with the new wave

The “S” word in the Paralegal Profession
It’s not all about the money, right? But it helps. Paralegals assume a variety of roles in the workplace, and many do the jobs of three or more people. In this article, we take a look at paralegal salaries by state in 2019, and the influential factors behind

I think a shorter list is what one is not, but in summary, paralegals provide day to day support by assisting attorneys, law offices, or other various agencies conducting research, drafting legal documents, and handling cases. 
Paralegals play a critical role in the legal field as they ensure not only that the firm runs smoothly,

Follow these simple tips to learn how to attract and retain clients with digital marketing and our practice management solution.
Anyone reading this probably doesn’t need to be convinced about the potential of legal practice management software to increase productivity, improve the customer experience, and grow law firms.
But no solution will work unless you

First, what is a podcast?
In case you’ve never heard of a ‘podcast’ let me very quickly explain what it is and why you should be listening to them if you’re not already.
Podcasts are mostly audio(sometimes video), regularly released episodes covering specific topics.  In reality they should be known as ‘Netcasts’ as they are

Modern technology continues to improve the life of attorneys, paralegals and legal secretaries throughout the United States.  The Legal Assistant is one of the companies participating in this technological change.  The Legal Assistant has added recently their newest product, The Family Law Assistant (TFLA).  TFLA provides to family attorneys a simple and yet profound case

We are pleased to announce our latest update to The Legal Assistant, our leading suite of Legal Practice management software. This update brings an array of new features and improved functionality to both the core software product and its matter specific modules in addition to reliability improvements and bug fixes.
General updates affecting all