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The Malaysian Lawyer is a collaborative blog by two Malaysian lawyers, Lee Shih and Marcus van Geyzel. We set out updates on areas of Malaysian commercial law.

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The Malaysian Lawyer continues with its annual listing of the largest law firms in Malaysia for the year 2023.
The statistics are as at 18 December 2023 and where the law firm is the aggregate of the number of lawyers in all its branches.

The Year 2023 In Review
The Stability and Growth of the

I first started cycling on a road bike exactly a year ago. I am now an avid cyclist and I am out cycling every weekend and on some weeknights. I wanted to find out what are the applicable Malaysian road traffic laws to cyclists.
The main law is under the Road Transport Act 1987 (Road

There has always been an unresolved question of whether a dismissed employee could bring a civil claim against his or her former employer, instead of or even in addition to a wrongful dismissal claim at the Industrial Court.
The courts have never previously expressly ruled out the possibility of such claims — theoretically this could

In this Case Update series, I share summaries of recent Malaysian court decisions to explore the current approach taken by the courts when deciding on employment-related issues. You can find all the posts in the series by clicking here, including case updates on other legal areas by TheMalaysianLawyer co-founder Lee Shih.
Employers are frequently