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In 1942, the Luftwaffe dropped a 1000kg high-explosive bomb onto farmland in the outskirts of Exeter.

Some 82 years later, the Court of Appeal has dismissed the University of Exeter’s appeal against the High Court decision in Allianz Insurance Plc v University of Exeter (see our previous commentary) The Judge at first instance (HHJ

Online retailers have changed the way we shop. No longer do we spend hours in line queuing for a can opener or, perhaps more appropriately in current times, an air fryer. Nowadays, at the click of a button, we have items expeditiously delivered straight to our door. And soon, it will be straight to our

The “Four Corners rule” (a.k.a. the “Eight Corners rule”) is the foundation for many states’ common law regarding the Duty to Defend under liability policies. Under that regime, the court treats “the underlying complaint and the insurance policy” as “the only documents relevant” to deciding whether an insurer owes the policyholder a duty to defend.  Badger

On December 29, 2023, an Arkansas court in the case of Walmart, Inc. v. ACE Am. Ins. Co., 04CV-22-2835-4, 2023 WL 9067386, (Ark. Cir. Ct. Dec. 29, 2023) found that defendant insurers owe Walmart a duty to pay or reimburse defense costs that Walmart incurred while defending prescription opioid liability lawsuits. 

Like many in the

Navigating the complex landscape of California’s insurance regulations, particularly when dealing with non-admitted insurers, is a challenge many policyholders face. At the heart of the non-admitted insurer challenge lies a powerful but underutilized tool: The Unauthorized Insurers Process Act, codified at California Insurance Code Section 1610, et seq. Section 1616, is a key component of

Increased litigation alleging exposure to per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) present potential significant losses for companies in a wide range of industries. PFAS are a group of chemicals commonly used in consumer products and manufacturing applications. After health studies linked PFAS exposure to adverse health impacts, there has been increased regulatory attention and significant litigation.