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We drive down the hill to watch the sunset from the beach. Phuong has come for a visit. We first met in the hospital She had just turned 18. Barely escaped death. During the Ride the Duck crash of September 2015. After the duck lost its axle and crossed the center line. Ramming into and

After hearing I was heading back into trial, a lovely friend from kindergarten urged me to retire. What more do you need Karen. What more do you have to prove. You deserve to relax and spend more time being a grandma. All good and valid points. In July will turn 64. Am at the tail

Postscript: this is from my trial diary of prophylaxis class action against seattle children’s hospital. Trial day 3 6:00     Cockadoodle doo.  Wake up.  6:25     Get up and make bed.6:45     White T. tan lulu shorts.  Pink crock slides. Pink sweater jacket picked up over the weekend once decided to stay another week.6:50     Put computer and monitor back

Thursday Jan. 25, 2024.The seventh day of trial is over in our prophlaxis Aspergillus fungus class action against Seattle Childrens’ Hospital. Walk into the hall and see Alysha Katie Lisa Melanie Furhad Brendon Kassie Julia and some of our BLM peaceful protester clients.  Say:  do you think any of the media will make it.We settled

-ABOTA is a plaintiff/defendant trial bar invitation only. Have been a member for about 20 years. But have never felt any particular benefit. The yearly dinner was nice – it is enjoyable to see each other. But the covid pause had me reevaluating why I belonged. Every year they give out a trial lawyer of

Aug 7. 2023 Launiopoko Hawaii.  3.2 miles outside of Lahaina proper.

Nine of us spend the entire day unloading the 40’ shipping container from Bali and Java that has just arrived after a year’s worth of planning.  Michael and Zoe Matheson had gone to the islands and arranged everything.  At 10 am a trucker drops

Jim Wohlpart (CWU President), Det. Jeanne Walford, Me, Patti Cole-Tindall (KC Sheriff), Lisa Benedetti, Kristin Michaud.

In the first such event of its kind, our surviving clients established an Eighty-Five Thousand Dollar ($85,000.00) scholarship to honor the heroic efforts of King County Detective Jeanne Walford. The fatal crash occurred on July 25, 2019 when a

Nala turned 15 in April. For 14 years she ran with me every day. Last year that came to a stop. The vet assumed it was hip arthritis. Though now we know it was something else.I have not done a great job of making the transition to solo. Always an excuse – too cold –

Dad turned 90 this week. The family got together at Debbie & Rob’s house to celebrate the way we usually do. With dim sum and cake.Other than a few orthopedic issues, dad hasn’t changed much at all. He still reads books at a snail’s pace but retains every detail. He has a constant stream of