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This month’s Wonkology is an interdisciplinary collaboration between Thompson Coburn’s Lobbying & Policy and Higher Education practices. An administrative process used by federal agencies during which a proposed rule is debated and developed by relevant interest groups and agency representatives.  Best Thing Since Sliced Bread The concept of a negotiated rulemaking, colloquially known as “neg reg,” was hatched in the 1970s when

A voluntary
membership organization in Congress centering around a particular issue or
cause. For the
First Time in Forever Though they
are not mentioned in the Constitution, caucuses, sometimes referred to as
Congressional Member Organizations (CMOs), have been a part of American
government since the earliest days of the republic. Members of Congress have
always coalesced around

The order in which government leaders are tasked with
performing the duties of the president if the incumbent cannot carry out the
office’s responsibilities.    Veep Article II of
the Constitution establishes the presidential succession sequence. The vice president
is to serve when the president is unable to discharge their duties. Further, Article
II directs Congress to

A procedural rule that allows leadership of both the majority and minority parties in the House of Representatives to have unlimited speaking time at the end of debate.    Remember the Time As debate concludes on legislative business, the speaker, majority leader, and minority leader can be recognized for a “magic minute.” Despite the name, the magic minute

 A special parliamentary period when the Senate provides its prerogative on treaties, nominations, and other business. Executive Time    The Founders established Executive Session in Article II, Section II of the Constitution, and it is a process that is unique to the Senate. Guidelines for the different categories of Executive Sessions are authorized in Senate Rule

An officer of the House of Representatives responsible for recordkeeping, correspondence, tracking floor proceedings, and managing the offices and staff of deceased or retiring members. Who’s the Boss? The clerk of the House of Representatives was initially a joint position with the Librarian of Congress. The first, John Beckley of Virginia, is credited with being one of

The appropriations suballocation (or budget cap) issued to each of the 12 congressional 
appropriations subcommittees, usually following the passage of a concurrent budget resolution.   
Inside JobThe Congressional Budget Act of 1974 (the Budget Act) requires the appropriations committees in both the House and Senate 
to create, reconcile, and pass a budget. There are several checks

An objection to a pending matter or proceeding believed to be in violation of the rules of the House or Senate.   Slow Hand   A point of order is a parliamentary rule designed to ensure members of Congress follow the rules of their chamber and behave with decorum during House or Senate proceedings. It was introduced

Executive declarations outlining an official administration position on legislation under consideration in Congress. We Go TogetherStatements of Administration Policy (SAPs) are produced by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), which is part of the Executive Office of the President at the White House. SAPs provide either an endorsement of or objection to particular legislation and,