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Legal Dashboards and Reports can provide powerful information for in-house legal decision making. But when it comes to understanding the details of each legal matter, which dispute, regulatory review or major acquisition is going to impact the strategic goals of the company, you need to disseminate information in volume and fast.

In-House Legal Department leaders understand that legal analytics are critical for effective decision-making. However, the overwhelming and time-consuming nature of data analysis – from collection, through visualization and analysis, and into actionable storytelling – often limit their ability to fully utilize its power.  

If a picture tells a thousand words, then an interactive legal dashboard can surely do the same. The work of a Legal Department involves the complexities of law, influenced and implemented by the most unpredictable and unquantifiable of things: people!
Can you capture the nuances of legal work in a single dashboard? Yes.
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If you run a household on a tight budget, you need to look at your spend every week (perhaps every day!) to understand where your limited resources are being spent. You might pore over your bank account statements, the latest store discounts, looking for every opportunity to save money.
Critical facts: what is your bank

I can’t stop thinking about our recent experience at the IPMI Healthcare Law and Compliance Institute. In late February, Nolan O’Connor and I headed to the beautiful Ritz Carlton Resort in Orlando to engage with a powerhouse group of hospital and healthcare lawyers and, we thought, educate them on the benefits of modern legal matter

Contracts are often the backbone of an in-house legal department – whether it is procurement, sales, employment or any other myriad types of contracts, they must be requested, drafted, reviewed, negotiated, executed and managed. At least a portion of this lifecycle sits with the legal department, but increasingly over the past decade the entire contract