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This blog article leverages my recent work in coding a button that randomly redirects you to any website within a pre-defined list. I developed the original button for random access to our blog articles, however, the pre-defined curated URL list could include URL’s of any kind. This got me thinking that we could use this

This blog article guides you to understand the triggers that may deem you to be “Doing Business” in California, or the need to register with the Secretary of State which is possible even if your business is not based there! If deemed to be “doing business in California” your business is retrospectively liable to legal implications

This blog article aims to increase awareness about California’s new Voluntary Carbon Market Disclosures Act (AB1305) which targets the increasingly concerning business practice of “greenwashing” as well as Australian & NZ efforts in the same space. The new California law requires companies or other business entities making climate-related claims in California, as well as participants

This blog article aims to assist businesses already in California and those interested in expanding their online presence to serve clients in California (poised to become the world’s 4th biggest economy) to navigate the evolving Californian Privacy Law landscape. It provides an overview of the generally applicable Californian Privacy Laws for businesses in the cloud serving

This blog article provides an overview of the relevant California and Federal laws and applicable legal tests for Business Owners with workers in California. The aim is to help you start to assess whether you are dealing with an Independent Contractor or an Employee. This area of employment law is highly litigated, multifaceted & complex.