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There are many professionals who are hesitant to share what they know on social and digital media because they can’t imagine what they would have to say that people would want to read, hear, and/or see.
In this 2-minute, 9-second episode of Legal Marketing Moments (my 2-3 minute podcast), I will help you get past

As you might have guessed from the title of this blog post, the theme for this year’s conference is ALL IN. It makes perfect sense because, as the conference website says, “get ready to go ALL IN at the largest global meeting exclusively for the legal marketing and business profession at #LMA24 in beautiful San

Generative Artificial Intelligence, or GenAI, is allowing for efficiencies within companies and firms.
These tools allow shortcuts by taking the first crack at summarizing documents, conducting research, creating marketing copy, writing emails, answering inquiries, and so much more.
Time To Reduce Headcount
This means you can reduce business and professional staff because the machines are