Recognising Influencers’ Impact
The Council’s recommendations stem from the recognition that influencers play a critical role in shaping public opinion and disseminating information across various social media platforms. As influencers gain more prominence, the need for regulatory frameworks to ensure their content adheres to legal standards and promotes social responsibility becomes increasingly crucial. To address

Regulatory context
The ASA codes consist of:

  • the broadcast code (BCAP Code), which applies to advertising via broadcast media i.e. radio and TV; and
  • the non-broadcast code (CAP Code), which applies to all other media.

For the purposes of Euro 2024 both codes will be highly relevant, as both channels will offer  marketers the opportunity

Proposals and Progress
In April 2023, the Government published its long awaited white paper on gambling reform (White Paper) which included a series of proposals aiming to modernise UK gambling regulation. One area addressed in the White Paper was marketing and advertising (Chapter 2). Industry stakeholders’ views in this area were somewhat polarised, with some taking

Leadership – coaches and officials
Significant strides have been made recently in women’s sport, however there is still a distinct lack of female coaches and officials, both in men’s and women’s sport at the elite level.
For example, in football, presently in the Women’s Super League (WSL) only one third of the managers are women,