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London, UK – April 4, 2024 – Zoth, an innovative RWA marketplace for enhanced liquidity and tokenization, has collaborated with Shufti Pro, integrating its highly secure and compliance-assured KYB and KYC services into its processes. The alliance paves the way for improved safety and transparency in Zoth’s

London, UK – April 2, 2024 – AXIOMA, a well-known legal advisory and compliance management firm, has partnered with Shufti Pro, upgrading its service quality and becoming an official reseller. The partnership is set to revolutionize the Fintech industry through secure, AI-powered risk management and compliance procedures, with Shufti Pro’s KYB and KYC

Since the dawn of the internet in the 90s, we’ve witnessed multiple phases of digital revolution. The Covid-19 pandemic also served as a huge catalyst in propelling businesses into a digitally-driven world which continues to evolve. While this has elevated the experience of consumers and businesses, this has also given way to more advanced technology

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and Financial Conduct Authority have developed a new set of anti-money laundering guidelines for Money Laundering Reporting Officers [MLROs] and Virtual Asset Service Providers [VASPs], aiming to limit the incidence of financial crimes.
The MFSA’s recently issued guidelines for MLROs are motivated by

The Solicitors Regulation Authority [SRA], India’s Financial Intelligence Unit [FIU], and the Australian Communications and Media Authority [ACMA] fined multiple organizations more than $2 million for Non-Compliance with AML regulations and other regulatory obligations.
ACMA has fined Optus, a telecommunication service provider, $1.5 million for breaching public safety rules. The company failed to upload clients’

Florida House votes to mandate social media platforms to implement rigid age verification checks, aiming to protect our youth from digital exploitation.
Florida House Speaker, Paul Renner, publicly thanked the U.S. Senate Committee for a hearing in which the federal law legislating bodies questioned social media CEOs about raising concerns about minor exploitation and

Identity verification is crucial in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape as it helps prevent identity fraud, reduces financial crime, and maintains regulatory compliance across multiple sectors, ultimately contributing to a safer digital experience for users and companies. With the advent of advanced automation technology and machine learning algorithms, identity verification has benefited drastically, and identities can

As technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning have advanced, they have significantly aided businesses in creating accurate workflows and efficient data processing, resulting in better outcomes. However, technological advancements have also provided cybercriminals with more sophisticated mechanisms to carry out fraudulent activities. Fraudsters can use stolen information to pose as legitimate entities, deceiving business