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The reported severe turbulence incident on Singapore Airlines that occurred over Malaysia on a flight from London to Singapore and resulted in a death and multiple serious injuries to 71 passengers is a cautionary tale for passengers and airlines alike. Compensation for those physically injured may be available, particularly by such events on international flights.

37 passengers of Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 are seeking to add claims to a lawsuit involving the door plug that blew out mid-flight on January 5, 2024.  The proposed complaint alleges that Boeing defrauded the FAA, the Department of Justice, and the public with false promises to overhaul the company’s safety culture and quality control. 

April is Autism Acceptance Month.  The month reflects a commitment in supporting individuals on the autism spectrum.  It highlights society’s dedication to improving the need for a more inclusive and accepting society.  To honor the month, we provide a parent’s excerpted perspective to give some understanding as to what it is like to parent a

Seattle, WA – Today it was revealed in a regulatory filing that Boeing has paid Alaska Airlines $160 million as “initial compensation” for damage done to the airline’s business, by the January 5, 2024 in-flight door plug blowout that terrorized all aboard the 737-MAX 9 airliner. Boeing apparently will pay the airline even more later

Seattle, WA – The Stritmatter Firm filed a First Amended Complaint against the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office for the fatal shooting of 24-year-old Black father, Derrick Clark Jr.

The wrongful death federal lawsuit claims that Clackamas County unlawfully chased down and shot Mr. Clark in the back.  Failed to render aid for two hours.  And

The Boeing Company and Alaska Airlines filed answers in federal court on March 11, 2024, which formally admit the NTSB found door plug bolts essential to safe flight were missing. Alaska Airlines admits that passengers at the time of the incident “reported experiencing varying levels of physical and emotional distress” from the depressurization event. Both

Seattle, WA – A lawsuit has been filed in King County Superior Court by former University of Washington football player, Emeka Megwa, against the University alleging medical negligence in the handling of his ACL rehabilitation.

At age 17, Emeka Megwa was a highly recruited running back out of Fort Worth, Texas.   After suffering an ACL

On August 15, 2023, Bellevue Police motorcycle officer Kevin Bereta was part of a team of officers charged with escorting Vice President Kamala Harris during her public duties around the Seattle area. 

The motorcycle officers, including Officer Bereta, would ride ahead of the group of vehicles surrounding and including the Vice President’s vehicle. Their job