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Everyone experiences occasional moments of sadness. However, persistent feelings of despair or disinterest in daily activities may indicate depression. This serious and pervasive mental health condition requires professional attention and support for effective management and recovery. Depression is one of Canada’s primary causes of disability, representing the largest share of disability claims among mental health

Caroline Powell Donelan ● The effective date of California’s Senate Bill 553 is fast approaching, and the law covers nearly every employer and every employment facility in California with the exception of healthcare facilities and other facilities governed by different legal standards, most remote workers, and businesses with fewer than 10 employees. Whether you are based

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  • OSHA may look to the National Fire Protection Association’s new electrical equipment maintenance standard for interpretation of agency standards and requirements.
  • The standard, NFPA 70B, requires development of a safety program addressing maintenance, inspections, servicing, and testing of electrical equipment.
  • Employers can expect OSHA to begin relying on NFPA 70B as an industry

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  • OFCCP released its first detailed guidance on federal contractors’ use of AI and automated systems.
  • The guidance instructs federal contractors to routinely monitor whether AI and automated systems have a disparate or adverse impact on protected groups and take actions to reduce those impacts or use different tools.
  • The guidance further clarifies that

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  • The Supreme Court held that Section 3 of the FAA requires federal courts to grant stays of lawsuits after claims are sent to arbitration, if a stay is requested.
  • The ruling resolves a 6–4 circuit split regarding whether federal district courts must stay lawsuits pending arbitration or whether they have discretion to dismiss

Attorney Katie Harrell to present on family law mediation/arbitration during Milwaukee Bar Association CLE
Attorney Katie Harrell will present “Point/Counterpoint: Advantages and Pitfalls of the Family Mediation/Arbitration Hybrid Process” on a panel on May 21, 2024. The presentation will take place in person at the Milwaukee Bar Association, and its organizers will apply